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Utah Dance Fest

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for dancers to come together in a quality facility, dance and be critiqued by true professionals in the art of dance, and become better dancers and better people for the experience.


Utah Dance Fest


  • The most unique event you will ever attend - there is not another competition like it
  • An electric excitement as current Top 10 are updated and announced at the top of each hour - then the Final Top 10 compete live at the end for the BIG $2,500 PRIZE! Two separate team battles for Seniors (morning) and Juniors (evening).
  • BEST STUDIO receives $5,000 towards their Battle registration the following year
  • Judges brought in from all over the Country - fairest most unbiased judging possible - plus live commentary from each judge during the Final Battle
  • FREE MASTER CLASSES with our Battle Judges the day of the event
  • NEW! Audio/Video judges feedback for every routine and every studio guaranteed one spot in the Final Battle
  • You have to experience it yourself!




    FEES: Each team will pay a registration fee per dancer, per performance.

    • Team Fee: $45 per dancer, regardless of size (no spectator entrance fees)
    • NOTE: $1,000 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance of Battle Invitation.


    No refunds will be given after the registration deadline.  Full or partial refunds may be granted prior to that time upon the discretion of the UDF Director.  $1,000 deposit will not be refunded as our registration for this event is extremely limited and by invitation only, so the deposit secures your spot in our show. Please email all requests to:  angi@utahdancefest.com.  No refunds or credits will be issued later than six weeks prior to the event.


    TIME LIMITS: Each routine will be limited to a 5:00 maximum.  Longer routines will have to pay additional fees.

    JUDGING: The Battle of the Best promises the most expert and fair judging possible.  There will be five judges who will judge every routine.  They will provide audio and and/or video feedback for every routine.  For each routine, we will drop the high and low score and average the middle three.  Scores will determine the TOP 10, who will be invited to compete again at the end of the day in the Ultimate Battle.  During the Ultimate Battle, all previous scores will be thrown out and judges will choose the BEST OF SHOW from this final performance.  LIVE COMMENTARY will take place after each of the 10 routines, on stage, by our professional judges.

    AWARDS: No UDF figurines will be presented at The Battle of the Best.  Two Awards will be presented:

    • $2,500 cash will be given to the BEST OF SHOW (best routine of the day) for both the Junior & Senior team battles
    • $5,000 credit to next year's Battle will be given to the BEST STUDIO.  Best Studio will be determined by averaging all 10 junior and senior routines from each studio.

    BEST STUDIO REQUIREMENTS: Competing for Best Studio is optional, but studios who wish to be considered must bring within their 10 routine limit, at least one Junior (10-12 years average), Teen (13-14 years average) and Senior (15+ years average) team and must have at least one routine in each of the following 4 genres:  Jazz, Hip Hop, Character/Musical Theatre, Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary

    MUSIC: All music must be uploaded or emailed to us at least 2 weeks prior to The Battle.  Upload music on our website. Email music to:  music@utahdancefest.com.  You may send in multiple emails if needed.  Each email should have BATTLE MUSIC in the subject line and your STUDIO NAME.  Then the song files must be titled the same as the routine name you registered.

    PERFORMANCE FLOOR: The Austad Theatre at Val Browning Center is one of the nicest and most spacious performance halls in the state of Utah.  We are honored to hold the state’s most prestigious event here.  The stage dimensions are 58’ wide by 40’ deep with plenty of wing space, a nice marley floor and plenty of dressing space.


    CATEGORIES: There will be no categories or divisions in The Battle of the Best.  Every routine is competing for the Best of Show.

    SHOW ORDER: Show Order will be created with a computerized random process, still making sure studios have time between numbers for costume changes and prep.  IMPORTANT PRIVILEGE: any studio in the Battle who also attended the Utah Dance Fest Stage Competition that SAME SEASON will receive preferential treatment, meaning all their routines will all compete in the last half of the day.

    FREE MASTER CLASSES: We are excited to offer free master classes from our Battle Judges the morning of the competition.  Master Classes will be held the day of the event. Times and locations TBA. All Battle Dancers may attend free.  If space permits, other dancers may attend for $20 per dancer.

    TIME FRAME: It is estimated that The Battle of the Best will begin at approximately 8:00 am, ending at approximately 8:00 pm.  The Senior Battle will begin in the morning and end with the Ultimate Battle and awards ceremony in the early afternoon. The Junior Battle will begin early afternoon and end with the Ultimate Battle and awards ceremony in the evening. An exact schedule and show lineup will be sent to all participants approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

    PARENTS BACKSTAGE: No parents or spectators will be allowed backstage at The Battle of the Best.  We realize this is unusual for a dance competition, but The Battle is not your usual dance competition.  All Battle Dancers must be old enough to handle costume/hair/make-up changes on their own or with the help of other dancers or teachers who are allowed backstage.

    AUDIENCE RULES: Audience members must be seated and stay seated throughout the show with movement in and out only during our 5-minute intermission at the top of each hour.  At that time the current Top 10 will be announced and spectators may come and go, but once the show resumes, audience members need to remain seated.  Thank your for your understanding as we try to create the perfect environment for this unique event.

    SPECTATORS & SEATING: Seating will be General Admission. Tickets will be $10 per person and may be purchased at the door. Directors, Choreographers, Teachers and Battle dancers will enter free of charge.


  • 1.  How much will it cost?

    $45 entry fee per dancer, per routine.

  • 2.  How many routines may we bring?

    Each studio may bring 10 Junior and 10 Senior routines - different ages & genres required to compete for Best Studio

  • 3.  How will the judging be done?

    5 expert judges score every routine, drop high and low, average middle three. Audio feedback will be sent to directors during the event. Scores determine top 10 to compete in the Ultimate Battle at the end of the day.

  • 4.  What awards will be given?

    Only two awards will be given: BEST OF SHOW ($2,500 cash prize given to the best Junior and best Senior routine) and BEST STUDIO ($5,000 towards registration to next year's Battle. Top 20 of both Junior and Senior battles will be recognized and Top 10 will each receive $100. No UDF figurines will be given.

  • 5.  What do we need to do to be invited?

    Studios wishing to be considered for invitation to the Battle of the Best need to notify us by September 30 at the latest that they are interested.  You may do this by:  1. email us with your studio contact information and your interest in participating or 2. click the REQUEST TO PARTICIPATE button above.

  • 6.  How will the 10 studios be selected?

    When we receive all requests to participate we will calculate each studios BEST AVERAGE of their best 10 teams at the most recent Utah Dance Fest Competition they attended.  The 10 studios with the highest averages will be invited.  These will be determined the first of October.

  • 7.  When will we know if we are invited?

    Official invitations will be extended by the end of October.

  • 8.  How do we reserve our spot once invited?

    Once invitation is received in October, studios will have two weeks to return letter of intent and $1,000 deposit.  UDF will then send a BATTLE BOX with gifts for dancers and staff of each of the 10 participating studios.

  • 9.  What can we do if we have never attended Utah Dance Fest but would like to participate in The Battle of the Best?

    In order to participate in The Battle of the Best, you must have attended a regular Utah Dance Fest competition in the past.  So, we would love you to decide this season to join us at Utah Dance Fest!  Then next season, you will be qualified to be considered for The Battle of the Best.  Be sure to bring at least 10 teams to Utah Dance Fest so we can calculate your studio average from your 10 best teams to determine if you will be in the Top 10.


Dear Dance Directors

Welcome to the Utah Dance Fest Difference! For over twenty-five years, we have been honored to host incredible displays of talent at our events, and we expect no less for our next season of outstanding competitions at Utah Dance Fest!

We care about each dancer at Utah Dance Fest and our greatest concern is the quality of the overall experience for each of them and for our studio directors who make competition experiences possible for their dancers. As a former competitive dancer, and now as UDF Director, I go to great lengths to help dancers maintain a positive, growing experience at our competitions.

The Battle of the Best at Utah Dance Fest is our newest event and we are SO EXCITED about it!  It is the most unique and electric event you will ever attend.  It's an invitation-only event so let us know ASAP if you are interested in being invited.  The 10 top studios bring their 10 best routines to compete for one GIANT $2,500 cash prize!  Please go to our Battle page on our website to read all about it - it is absolutely an event you won’t want to miss!

Our Stage Competition is one of the classiest and well-run competitions in the regions.  At Utah Dance Fest, every solo/duo/trio participant will place within their category and receive one of our famous Utah Dance Fest figurine trophies.  Teams are adjudicated and receive Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver and Silver rankings and each team receives a figurine.  Overall Awards and judges awards are also given both days, and a Grand Champion Best of Show award is  determined by a Mini Battle at the end of each day.


  • Stage Competition: January 15th
  • Battle of the Best: January 1st

Please plan now to register on time so that we can have the time we need to prepare the organized, quality competitions you’ve come to expect from Utah Dance Fest. A 10% late fee will be charged on any registrations accepted after these deadlines. We’re sorry – no exceptions.

Battle Studios must let us know they are interested in being invited to The Battle by August 31 of the year prior to the event.  Invitations will be personally  delivered in September and deposits are due by the end of October.

A $20 credit will be given to those who attend our Stage Competition who email us before December 31 to let us know which competition(s) they plan to attend and their approximate number of team entries, solo/duo/trio entries and team participants.

We extend our thanks to those of you who have supported us in the past. If you are attending for the first time this year, we can’t wait to show you why so many dancers and directors have come to love the Utah Dance Fest difference!




The Val A. Browning Center Austad Auditorium is northern Utah’s largest venue for arts and entertainment. The Austad has welcomed thousands of actors, performers, musical groups, several U.S. Presidents and even Mr. Rogers. Most recently, Broadway star Audra McDonald performed with the Utah Symphony, and social activist Cornel West spoke to the largest crowd in 20 years.  Comfortable seating and a large stage make it a perfect location for The Battle.


UDF Director | Angi Larsen - 435-752-4013 - 102 South Winding Way, Logan, Utah 84321 ~ angi@utahdancefest.com









UDF Director | Angi Larsen

435-752-4013 - 102 | angi@utahdancefest.com

South Winding Way, Logan, Utah 84321